About Us

What does Innovative Design & Production mean?

KPA Productions is a multi-faceted company with experience in many different technical fields.  One of our primary areas of expertise is in video production. We also have an extensive background in live event production.  Live plays, dance performances, musicals, comedies.  We constantly strive to use fresh methods, with the most current equipment available.

To innovate is to combine your past with your new ideas, especially by introducing new methods, allowing you to always see things from a different perspective. It’s similar to comedy in the way that a good joke takes a logical statement to an illogical conclusion, that’s what makes it funny.  By innovating we mean that we enjoy applying all the diverse experiences we have to create something like we never have before.

Every production is different and we embrace that when we work with new and returning clients to ensure a great final product, be it a video, sound, or live production.


To always be as helpful as we can and make your experience as fun as possible. Producing events can be highly stressful, but we know from experience, its about getting the job done. By using teamwork and a strong positive attitude, the potentially long hours will go by quickly and easily.

Kelly at work?

Kelly at work?

Emcee, Singer, award winner, Director, Technical director, theater owner, janitor, yes, all of the above

Kelly Anzalone - Owner

Kelly Anzalone has been interested in Video Production since the day his Dad brought home their first Curtis Mathis VCR. Kelly loved the buttons and the lights. From then on, Kelly has been fortunate egnough to know that is what he wanted to persue as a career. He took several college Video Production classes in high school and then chose Fredonia State University because it had 1 of only 3 completely student-run television stations in the nation, WNYF-TV. WNYF was very fun and exciting for Kelly. He became the Chief Engineer his second semester Freshmen year, Station Manager his Junior year and produced his own show called "Out of Sync" for 3 years. Kelly was chosen for a 15 credit internship at WKBK-TV, the ABC affiliate in Buffalo, NY where he learned the ins and outs of the city's number one news station. After college he was offered a full-time job in the Engineering Department doing everything from sound, Chyron, camera, and running the live microwave remotes. Kelly eventually ended up becoming the Studio Manager. However, the Winter before Kelly started at WKBW, he spent time in Steamboat Springs, CO, and the appeal of the mountains was too much for him. Kelly moved to Steamboat the Winter of '95-'96 and he has been here ever since. Kelly worked as a Commercial Producer for ATT Media, then Comcast Spotlight for 5 years during which time Kelly also started his own production company: KPA Productions in 2003. Kelly left Comcast in 2005 to start Steamboat Mountain Theater. Unfortunately the building that the theater was in got torn down. Since then Kelly has been working full time with KPA Productions.

Yoshi Yonekawa

Yoshi Yonekawa Yoshi has been shooting in Colorado area for the past 10 plus years, shooting both stills and video, with an education in lighting design.  Yoshi’s degree in lighting is a huge asset because all photography and video begins with light.  This tie between lighting and photography has help define Yoshi’s style of shooting. Yoshi has been working with KPA Productions for over 7 years. Working as a Lighting Designer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Shooting Video.

Noah Hendricks

Noah’s interest in Audio Production originated as a teen, with a dream of making Platinum records well ahead of composing the first song with his untitled punk band. However, with an extensive history of private Piano and Cello studies beginning at the age of four, Noah continued on to the Eastman School of Music, ultimately earning a Bachelor’s degree at the Cleveland Institute of Music for Audio Engineering. Under the wing of Grammy-nominated engineer Bruce Egre, Noah learned not only the honest and organic approach to recording and/or amplifying instruments, but how to accommodate different genres and intentions of artists using stylistic techniques over post-production tricks. It all begins with a good source.